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Registered users only can get a list of search results and access to information. You have to create your account first to register. The registration is free. After registration you can create your own portfolio (as a creative or an employer) and browse through the list of published portfolios.

Everybody who looks for an employment, new and different opportunities to present your own work has an opportunity to:
alineja search for employers according to their service, region and specific demands and you might be just the right person for them
alineja network according to your educational profile, professional field, knowledge and skills.

The application gives you the opportunity to present yourself and your experience as it suits you and as you wish others to see you in the world of business. The application gives you an opportunity for a multimedia presentation where you can upload and document photographs, video recordings, references (certificates, awards, acknowledgements...). You should also mention your informal knowledge and skills. Your presentation will give your future employers an opportunity to get to know you, as well as other creatives, colleagues of the same profession or future co-workers who will find an opportunity for mutual work and creativity in the same field. This application gives you the opportunity of your own insight into the employers’ needs and other creatives’ activities.
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If you want to employ an individual or work with people of a certain profile with wanted experience, skills and references, there is your opportunity to:
alineja search for co-workers with appropriate knowledge, skills, experience and references according to your service, region and specific demands
alineja network according to their educational profile, professional field, knowledge and skills
alineja see their personal multimedia presentations in words, photographs and / or video recordings

Searching for candidates can be adjusted to the criteria you specify in the search engine, and then you can watch the candidates’ presentations within your selection. The application gives you the opportunity to find someone who suits you. This is particularly important if your service needs creativity (hairdressing, interior design, object design, fashion design, multimedia...). Very often it is hard if not even impossible to find an appropriate candidate or co-worker if you just see their formal education and follow standard ways of employing people. Through the application, you will find the most appropriate candidates for you as you will get the insight into their formal education and professional competence, their own presentation and, last but not least, you will see the way they work and their already finished projects / products. The “Multimedia” tab shows you photographic and video presentations of their professional creativity. That is the way to find the most appropriate candidate(s) and contact them.
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