Project Create-IN

The aim of the Create-IN web application is to offer young creative people a modern, interactive and user-friendly resource to demonstrate their work to potential employers via videos and photographs within an e-portfolio format. The project also allows employers a simple way to find new employees.

More about the project

Employers in the creative professions often have difficulty finding talented employees based on a written application and CV, and often cannot meet all international candidates in person to fully assess their capabilities. Furthermore young job seekers are faced with the problem of how to professionally present their work to potential employers. Using the Internet, provides a solution to these problems.

The aim of our project is to teach, encourage and facilitate job seekers in the creative professions to develop a creative e-portfolio as a tool for the presentation of skills, creativity, and products derived from vocational and professional qualifications.

O projektu

Why is this project needed?

2009 was the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, which saw many events, workshops and projects but lacked an outlet for vocational training and employment in services.

The rise of social networks and web portals represents new multimedia opportunities in both vocational education and in the presentation of acquired skills.

At the High School of Design Maribor a survey of 150 students demonstrated that 47% used social networks, but did not know how to present their work and find a job. They lacked the knowledge and skills to present their creativity in a multimedia environment. The objectives of the Bruges Communiqué on enhanced European cooperation in vocational education and training also raises the importance of more flexible learning, language acquisition, adaptability, self-confidence, creative thinking and learning options.

Research CEDEFOP (2011: Labour-market polarization and elementary occupations in Europe) showed a decline in employment in the field of trade in goods and the parallel increase in employment in the services sector. In Slovenia there are 2,600 hairdressing salons in which employers would be happy to check the work and skills of candidates, before inviting them to a personal presentation. Similarly, employment opportunities abroad exists for creative occupations (hairdressers, fashion designers, etc.) if the job seekers know how to present their work and knowledge in an e-portfolio accessible to the potential employers.
The project involves:

alinejaLead partner: Secondary School for Design Maribor
alinejaPartner 1: Zavod Prava Poteza
alinejaPartner 2: My HairDressers (Velika Britanija)
alinejaPartner 3: Stichting Reflexion (Nizozemska)
alinejaPartner 4: The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia
alinejaPartner 5: Hairdressing studio Smiljan Škarica

O projektu
ssom prava-poteza myhairdressers re-flexion ozs smiljanskarica
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