Create-IN Partnership: Terms Of Use For The Portal

The Create-IN portal is a website which brings together those who offer their creative services and their work capacities with employers who are looking for employees. The portal has been set up as a Transfer of Innovation project within the framework of the EU action program Leonardo da Vinci in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). The contract number of the project is: LdV-2011-SI1-LEO05-02754.


On the Portal, the words “we” and “our(s)” refer to the group of partners who carry out the Transfer of Innovation project Create-IN. They are presented on the homepage

“Partnership representative” refers to the project coordinator (Zavod Prava poteza) who may act on behalf of the partners in applying and maintaining these terms of use.

“Creative person” refers to the user, who can be anyone who wants to engage in the acquisition of business assignments, to become employed or who wants to be a partner for the implementation of a specific project. “Employer” refers to a company, organization or another legal or natural person, registered at the Create-IN portal, offering regular employment or temporary jobs/assignments.

“Services” refers to the main functionalities provided by the portal: users (creative persons and employers) can:
• post their personal and company presentations on the portal
• search the database in order to find creative professionals or students (by employers)
• search the database in order to find jobs/assignements/employers (by professionals or students)

These terms and conditions of use determine the Create-IN Portal as a non-commercial facility. The portal provides space for presentations and a secure environment for networking. The publication by creative persons of content on the portal (with the aim of acquiring business assignments or employment) and by employers (offering jobs and assignments) are both free of charge.

Terms and conditions apply until they are withdrawn or replaced by means of publishing a new version by the partnership or it's representative. New terms and conditions teake effect immediately after publication on the Create-IN portal, replacing automatically the previous version.


A web domain has been registered for the project Create-IN, the URL is No user of the system (student, young professional or employer) may use the term “Create-IN” in any form for any purpose, unless the use is expplicitly permitted by these terms and conditions of use, by written consent on behalf of the partnership or by legislation. All contents of the portal Create and all texts, graphics, images, logos, buttons, multimedia elements, software and source codes, are joint propriety of the project partners and are protected by copyright, which applies both to services aiming at individuals and any use of the database.

The contents of the portal may only be used for private purposes, other ways of using these contents is prohibited by these regulations, unless they are explicitly allowed by the partnership. In all cases it is prohibited to sell the use of the portal to third parties. Upgrading the portal (system) can only be done with explicit consent and participation in the process of the project coordinator. Any imitation and implementation of activities that could affect the operation and use of the portal and/or hurt the reputation of the project partnership, is forbidden. It is absolutely forbidden to copy or take control of the databases as a whole or in parts. Likewise, the use of automated queries or other robots to automatically retrieve data from the portal or interfere in any way with the portal or to automatically communicate with it, is not allowed, except for regular search engines (universal search engines). However, any search engine that is looking for data to be extracted or copied and then used for their own purposes (advertising) by ecternal services or that is trying to post links to an external website, is in violation of these terms of use and with applicable business legislation, unless the action is explicitly agreed by the project partners in a duly specified contract.

For any commercial use of the portal, explicit agreement should be requested well in advance from the partnership, or from the project coordinator as it's representative. The partnership allows viewing, browsing and the use of content form the portal by registered users, as long as they they do not violate any copyright of the contents. Without written permission from the company managers or users (creative professional or student) who placed content (personal data or business presentations) on the portal, it is not permitted to completely or partially copy, reproduce, republish, modify, upload, publish or disseminate that content, except for personal purposes of the individual user and usage that is explicitly authorized by these terms and conditions.

The project partners will strive for the highest levels of accuracy, correctness, timeliness and usefulness of portal content, but are not responsible for any incorrectness, incompleteness or uselesness of any content on the portal. Also, the authors and project partners are not responsible for any unexpected or adverse effects of using the contents and/or the functionalities of the portal.


The project partnership aims to keep the portal in operation during all days of the year, 24 hours a day, except for short interruptions to allow technical maintenance of equipment and updating of the software. However, we reserve the right to suspend the operation of the portal without notice at any time for reasons at our judgement and for any length of time, if we consider it necessary. In the event that a longer interruption of the platform services is needed for major technical modifications and maintenance (more than 12 consecutive hours) we will take actions to inform the users of this interruption up to three days prior to the start of the service interruption, if possible. Notificiation will preferably take place by means of an announcement on the portal itself. For safety reasons, the available time slot for a logged in user to remain inactive (no actions to be detected from the server side) is limited to 30 minutes, after which time of idleness a user session is terminated automatically. Users and subscribers will be advised to store data frequently outside the portal to avoid loss of valuable information.


Merely by registering to the portal, users explicitly allow the project partnership to collect, store and process data in order to enable the intended services of the portal. Storage and usage of data will take place in full compliance with the Declaration on the Protection of Personal Data, which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. Registered users of the portal are entitled to have continuous access to the content they inserted in the system, to make amendments and corrections and to block or delete their personal data as they think appropriate.

From time to time and in accordance with the law, the project partnership will send notifications by e-mail to the users concerning essential updates, essential services and products that are related to the job search and employment offering functionalities of the protal, when such content is considered useful and interesting for the users. In each message sent, an option will be included to unsubscribe from similar messages in the future.


Personal data of portal users may be used by other registered portal users and authorized persons (if the information is not hidden by the user). However, the use of information retrieved from the portal is restricted to actions that are in full compliance with the intended services of the portal. Users themselves can determine the level and limitations of the visibility of their personal data. Information hidden by the owner is not visible to other registered users, as long as the user does not disclose this himself. If a user chooses to remain anonymous to other users, he/she has access only to the part of other users' data that testify their skills and past employment, but he/she cannot see the other user's personal data (name, addrees, phone etcetera).


The project partners agree that all usernames and passwords are kept secret and irretrievable for anyone, including those who are actually in charge of system operations. Registered users are solely responsible for the actions that have been carried out by themselves or bt someone on behalf of them, using their username and password. Since passwords cannot be retrieved, in case a password is lost or forgotten, the user should request a system reset of the password by using the “forgot my password” option.


It is the partnership's duty to protect the privacy of all users of the Create-IN platform. Any information submitted by it's users, will be processed and handled with utmost care and security. The law obliges us to repsect and maintain the Personal Data Protection Act, which sets out the rights, obligations, principles and measures that prevent unconstitutional, illegal and unjustified interference with the privacy and dignity of the individual in the processing of personal data.


Personal data is information that users provide and/or insert in the system. The Portal or system accepts and stores any information that users enter on the Create-IN web-pages or provide in any other way. Users may decide that certain information should be withheld from the system, meaning that their presentations are not necessarily complete or even correct.. All personal information obtained from this website and through it's operation, will be used lawfully and fairly. Personal information will be entered on a voluntary basis by users, thereby automatically allowing the portal to store and process the data.


A user (student, young professionals or employer) may store and publish their content on the portal, after proper registration. They may also view of browse free of charge all available content on the portal and they may use all the functionalities of the portal (networking, search for certain capacities or job offers). Merely by inserting data into the portal system, user make a statement that all their data are fully accurate, including information on previous and present education, work experience and especially contact information. Users agree that in case of incorrectness of their personal or business data, their credibility is at stake. Users may not publish contact information of other users to third parties without explicit (written) consent.

Inserting and publishing fictitious data and the issue of a third party or recording the details of a third party without their permission is strictly prohibited, except for clear didactical purposes and restricted to the aim of presenting the portal and it's functionalities to potential users and the general stakeholders of the project.


The project partnership reserves the right to refuse or remove the entire contents or part of the contents of a portfolio or CV (made by a young professional or student), or a job advertisement (placed by an employer), especially when these are in conflict with the applicable law concerning advertising and publishing information. Also in case that content on the platform (as insterted by users) is inconsistent with the existing Slovenian law, is in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or is violating general standards of decency or socially reponsible behaviour, the partnership is entitled to remove that content, preferably but not not necessarily after issuing a warning and a request to the user to remove or adjust the content.


The project partnership of Create-IN (Contract Nr. LdV TOI-2011-SI1 LEO05-02754) is not responsible for:
• any possible damage or loss of data resulting from inadequate or malfunctioning technical equipment (hardware, software), misuse, ignorance or mistakes made by users (subscribers and platform members) of the platform;
• any possible damage to software or computer equipment, used by subscribers and platform members to access the portal;
• malfunction or failure due to portal interference or to any non-internet network that operates between the provider and the user or client (WAN's, LAN's);
• disorders of the portal, which are due to causes beyond control of the parthership;
• any damage or misfortune experienced by the user due to inability to use the portal or to an unexpected temporary inavailablity of portal content and/or services, including the loss of user related data. This disclaimer includes all other causes related to the operation and availability of the portal;
• content that is made available on the portal by the users or subscribers themselves, i.e. by inserting their data. Consequently, the partnership cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and legality of the content published by users of the portal. This disclaimer also rules out our responsibility for the following items:
• ensuring the accuracy of personal data entered by users of the portal;
• ensuring the accuracy of information posted on the portal by employers (for instance job vacancies);
• ensuring a response from employers to users inquiring on job vacancies, since this is a matter of communication between employers (based on internal recruitment procedures) and the users (seeking jobs or assignements);
• ensuring a response to any user's publication of an employment or assignment request or personal disposition offer, since this is a matter of communication between employers (based on internal recruitment procedures) and the users (seeking jobs or assignments).

Anyone may inform the project partners about content on the platform that may be in breach of these terms or ruling legislation. In such cases the partnership will check this content and if necessary, determine appropriate actions or even remove the content in question (with or without prior notification, depending on the urgency of the situation).


The partnership reserves the right to amend these terms of use when we consider this necessary. The amended terms of use shall apply from the moment of publication on the portal. Users (clients) agree to accept the new terms by their continued subscription and use of the portal. New terms of use are accepted by users at the first time they enter the Create-IN portal after the new conditions were published.

In case that questions rise about the operating conditions or the protection of user privacy, or for obtaining further information, the partnership will be happy to reply to your e-mail that can be sent . Any such e-mail will be processed with due care and a response will be given as soon as possible.
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